G513 Carbon – Tactile Mechanical Keyboard (Romer G) Review

So here’s how this all went down…

I was sitting at my laptop chilling with some tea, when something made me trip and spill that shit. I wipe the laptop clean, even shake it upside down a little bit, and leave it overnight.

Long store short, the next day I wake up to a bunch of keys not working, **ck me.

I look up some keyboard stuff online, read about the reds the blues, the browns, and decide I gotta try this ish for myself.

Off I go to my neighborhood memory express store and end up spending the next two hours or more going between keyboards, and having the sales person (thanks Ryker bud, cool name man) open three or four more new boxed keyboards for me to try because they weren’t on display. All in all, I though the red keys would be fine, but to be honest they were way to clicky for me! and the blue keys are even clickier! And I mean like typewriter machine loud! It would piss the shit out of me.

Anyway, I wound up trying something called the G513 Carbon, because it was a Romer G tactile keyboard that I knew nothing about. And whattaya know, I was pleasantly surprised! It turned out to be the perfect balance of clickyness and travel depth that I was hoping for, it feeels nice to type one, like it’s on a tuned suspension. Yeah.

I’ll be honest with you folks, I’m a picky kind of guy, and this keyboard is very satisfying to use, it’s got the RGB led’s so you can configure any color on any key, or it has these beautiful wave effects, some psychedelic colors I tells ya.

How can this keyboard get any more amazing? it comes with its own superb large wrist pad to rest your wrists on.

Did I forget to mention it’s made of some fancy ass aluminum alloy? It makes it feel fuckin solid and heavy. It’s a good feeling. It takes up 2 USB plugs, but also provides one of its own for the mouse for example, which is what I use it for.

Anyway, at this price-point (140-150 CAD) the keyboard is amazing, it’s rather quiet (no clicking sound), has a nice softer bounce to the keys, it’s perfect all around for typing and even some gaming if you ask me. Here’s what mine looks like, it’s easy on the eyes at night, and you can configure different profiles for whatever uses you have.

Hope you enjoyed my review of the G513 Carbon tactile keyboard with romer G switches 🙂

g513 keyboard review

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