What’s the worst hosting in 2019?

Avoid this webhosting service at all costs!

There are 3 candidates for worst hosting of 2019: GoDaddy and Blue Domino, not to be confused with Blue Host, which is also pretty terrible if you ask me. Arguable one of the worst hosting companies I have ever dealt with is GoDaddy (and I have dealt with most of the major players in this industry because I support client sites). GoDaddy has left me high and dry repeatedly – I never bash a company without merit. I warn you, the following is harsh truth:

So here is why I have lost faith in GoDaddy even though I was actually thinking they started to get their shit together, and their site speed and TTL seemed to get a bit better over the last couple of years. Today they pissed me right off, because I have so far spentĀ 6 hours today, and another 2 hours yesterday, trying with GoDaddy support to move a hostname from an old hosting plan to a new one.

The worst part is their chat experience, which drops your connection out of nowhere, forcing you to restart with the initial question of “Which support” you require! I’ve been through 10 agents give or take, trying to resolve this simple issue of moving a domain name to a new hosting plan, but see, it’s attached to an existing plan so you can’t move it. The agents, mostly with names like Raghu, Sumita, Parminder – hinting at the outsourcing of jobs – each may give you different reasons why things aren’t working. So I have tried dozens of so called workarounds provided by the so-called GoDaddy Guides.

I also noticed they have no clue that some options are unavailable to you due to plan limitations! Such as the workaround to add “dummy” domains – but in fact one can’t add domains on the economy plan, only subdomains. You would think they would know to check – and like I said I’m not generalizing from 1 experience, all of them didn’t know this until I pointed it out. Which denotes poor training. They will never follow up with you either, just poor overall attention to detail is the final thought. It’s really a numbers game and you’re just another number to get off the chat.

For the sake of a thorough review, I can’t allow myself not to mention that there is also definitely a language barrier at some point during the conversation with approximately half of the agents I’ve chatted with, and I feel apologetic as I write this because it’s not like they don’t try hard. But the fact remains, you get what you pay for. Globalization, not always a good thing for quality.

Mind you, this whole ordeal started because GoDaddy is forcing a client of ours to move off the old plan, because the underlying servers are running php 5.6 which cannot be upgraded to the current mininum 7.1. Go figure, GoDaddy (I’m cussing right now). PHP 5.6 reached EOL a year ago. They wouldn’t even offer to migrate for us, not even that courtesy! Oh we asked, several times.

Yes I dislike GoDaddy with a passion if you couldn’t tell so far because of the time they’ve wasted, in my agency and my own. So no I don’t recommend GoDaddy to anyone! As I write this I still have not resolved my issue, and in the morning if it’s still not resolved I will recommend the client move to Siteground. The only thing holding us back was the emails the client didn’t want to deal with the downtime and hassle of moving emails to a different hosting, but at this point it’s just not worth it for anyone, our client included.
Update: Finally, it took 9.5h with support to get the domain released from the old plan because of a “hiccup” with ssl. I curse your GUI programming GoDaddy. I would never recommend GoDaddy to anyone, save your nerves and your money.