Solargard Supreme Tinting Review

I live in BC, Canada, and in this province, it’s against the law to tint your front driver and passenger windows, as well as the windshield. But you’re probably wondering if it’s something you can get away with! The answer is it depends what kind of tint you put on your front side windows.

The first and foremost reasoning for making the front tint illegal is so the cops can see the driver. A secondary reason is that you’re able to make eye contact with other drivers or pedestrians, and I suppose it’s kind of true you sometimes want to communicate using sign language, like “I’m number 1!”

The point is, you can still put some near-clear tint and get away with it, as long as it’s not very noticeable! I’m taking about Solar Gard Supreme 70 for the front, meaning it lets through about 70% of the light, so it blocks about 30%. First off, I want to give you a heads up because you’ll come across this in other reviews: the haze or the tint’s hazing effect. It’s not overly inconvenient. To be honest, I don’t notice it anymore. I did notice a haze around the first month after tinting the car, but I don’t anymore.

So what is up with that haze? It seems it’s simply part of the engineering design: a side effect of energy dissipation from sunlight. My car is black and I noticed an immediate difference in the car’s cabin temperature in the summer, after tinting.

My rear side windows and my rear window are tinted with Solar Gard Supreme 8, meaning it let’s through about 8% of the light. You can imagine this is quite dark. On a previous car I had 3M tinting, with the 5% tint on my rear windows, and to be honest that was way too dark, you couldn’t see anything at night so it was hard to back up. This Solar Gard Supreme 8 is actually a perfect balance, you get very dark windows, that you can’t see through, yet you’re able to see better out of the car than with 3M’s 5% tint.

Another side effect of the Solar Gard Supreme 70 tint is if you wear polarized sunglasses, you’ll notice these rainbows on the glass, it’s pretty psychedelic, and maybe a tad distracting at first, but once again you get used to it and stop paying attention after a month at the most.

I got my tinting installed at NMotionAuto, they have great service and they’re here for the long haul, I recommend you check them out.